I text Jeff tonight asking for an update. I just got it. She is progressing every day and they are talking about sending her home in a month :)

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. I am sure with all of her family and friends and friends of friends sending her good vibes and prayers definitely gave her a lot of strength to fight with.


I am not sleeping properly. I am tired by 5pm and when I go home to at least try to nap, nada - I just lay there and then get back up. I am listless and stressed over Jeff’s situation, I know it is not my situation, but this is how I operate. I stress over things I cannot change and worry constantly. I toss and turn when I do finally go to bed and eventually I do fall asleep. Then, for some reason I awake at 5am! I toss and turn until my alarm clock goes off at 7 or 730am. So I am exhausted, the sleep I am getting is restless, I don’t remember my dreams but I’m sure they aren’t helping me refresh for the coming new day.

I haven’t gone to the gym since Monday and I bought chips and dip for dinner yesterday…this WILL change on Monday when I do low carb for about 2 weeks. The gym…no clue if that will start next week as well but I do know my version of low carb is low fat and low calorie as well (taken from Dr. Bernstein here in Canada as I did his program in 2002 when I really got into this weightloss journey). So in essence I probably won’t be eating enough to also workout. But I usually feel amazing on low carb so who knows. But right now - I really need the food to get back into line. My hips are thickening, uggh!

Anyways, tonight I have to pack to head to Taylore’s on Friday. I will be leaving work at 330pm and driving for about 7-8 hours (depends on my speed, lol). So just a heads up, you may not hear from me until Monday…that is unless Jeff updates me on A…didn’t hear anything yesterday :( I almost wish he would look into a laptop rental…I am sure there are tons of people he needs to update and an email would be perfect. But here I wait by my cell phone for a quick text message. I sure do miss him.