1525.6 km

Cindy and IMy drive to Taylore’s on Friday took a little over 8 hours to do. It was raining which made the drive longer than it should have as I hate driving in the rain as I cannot see the lines on the road and as well though I’ve been to see Taylore quite a few times, I still do not consider the route ‘familiar’ roads. So I got in I think around 1130pm. We sat for a bit talking but then it was my bedtime as I was exhausted.

We got up around 10am and we started on Taylore’s ‘To Do’ list for a bit and then we went to Target - yay! I bought a cute pair of black flats, a huge ass bottle of Advil Liquid Gels (180 caplets!) and a bit of makeup (eyeliner and mascara). We then went back to the apt and continued party preparation until it began and then partied all night. The band was great, the food, the booze and of course the people. The photo (top left in this post) is of myself and a friend of Taylore’s (Jackie, she also has a bulldog). Gosh I hate my teeth! But anywho…I was good, I nursed two drinks all night as I knew I had a long drive ahead of me the following day.

I started my drive back to Canada at about 130pm and got up at 10pm…which is 8.5 hours and I should have been home at 9pm but the border was exceedingly busy and I sat there in traffic for over an hour! When I got home, I unpacked and went to bed…where I tossed and turned like I have been doing since last week and woke up at 430am to toss and turn until 730am. I am tired (broken record much?) and cannot wait for Thursday - a nice long weekend in bed sounds delish :) But more than likely I will be painting my bedroom. I got my new bedding and the walls just cannot be white!

So as for low carb - not this week. Today I have a chili lunch to attend as a fundraiser for one of our employees who has MS and is doing the MS walk. Also, I have not had time to go grocery shopping which I will do this coming weekend.

Welp, best get myself to work - lots to do!