A Good Call

Jeff just called (YAY, I miss him a lot, just to have someone to talk to who just listens and doesn’t judge). He sounds a lot better which is nice to hear. A is holding her own and instead of her doctors talking about her in the next minute or hour, they are talking about the next day or two, that is how he put it. He also said one of the resident doctor’s asked to take photos as he has never seen or says will may never see someone connected to so many machines. In fact last week he told me that her roommate was moved out in order to fit all the machines in the room. Jeff says he will show me pictures.

I apologized for my constant text messaging (one a day) but said I get worried when I don’t hear anything and although I know I’m the last person on his mind…I need even just a quick “she’s okay” text, I didn’t need a phone call. He laughed at me and said he would do better in those kind of updates. He also knows I am not sleeping as I was sleeping when I picked up the phone, well kind of sleeping. I have been trying to nap since 630pm and it isn’t going well. I’m yawning my fool head off and yet I toss and turn.

Jeff doesn’t require anything, his father is staying at his place and driving back and forth grabbing things as he needs them. He wished me a good weekend at Taylore’s and we hung up.

Anyways, I took advantage of being ‘up’ and quickly packed my clothes for the weekend. Tomorrow morning I will pack my toiletries. Now back to tossing and turning sleep.