Rash Decisions…Not For Me

I have been worried all afternoon that I didn’t hear from Jeff last night. And my mood got worse as the day went and I kept checking my cell phone for a text from him. Nothing. At 3pm I had a meeting at head office so I took off over there and then left there at 415pm. Instead of going back to the office I drove up to Walmart to return the dark brown window panels I mistakenly bought instead of black and when I got to the store realized I let them at home. Well I bought the black ones anyways and will return the others tomorrow at the Walmart across the street from work.

Then I headed home wards and came across a Loblaws grocery store that sells my PC products and stopped in. I got home shortly after five and went to plug in my cell phone and noticed a text message from Jeff at 344pm (I would have been in a meeting). He wrote “we are slowly moving in the right direction”. I immediately texted back “Yeah! You have a very strong girl on your hands. Shouldn’t surprise anyone…look at who her father is.”

The latter half of my message alludes to Jeff surprising everyone and beating the odds when he was a child as well. He was in a fire and shouldn’t have lived, over 80% of his body is burned or skin grafted; the only original skin he has his his lower calves and parts of his thighs and his butt. You would never forget him if you met him. So yes, he was a miracle child as well. Like father like daughter.

So no gym tonight. I was not in the mood and heck I can still go tomorrow and Wednesday for three workouts this week which is better than nothing. I am actually ready for bed, I’m tired. I just seem to be getting enough sleep lately.

Keep sending those thoughts and prayers - she’s definitely using them to her advantage :)

I am not a compulsive person, although to some it looks like it. Although most people don’t agree (lol), I don’t always talk about what I am thinking of or weighing on in my head. I do and can keep things to myself and when a decision is finally made I will then act on it and I get the “where did that come from” discussions. Such as the vacation I took in January. Yes the decision was made on the Wed and I was gone on Sat but I had been thinking about taking one for quite a while.

When I bought my current car in 2003…same thing. I didn’t talk about wanting a new one but I was contemplating the purchase. I did a lot of research on the car I wanted and never talked about it with anyone. I then went into the dealer when I made the decision and bought the car. The decision was not made lightly and not done ‘all of a sudden’. Another example is my new Sharp Aquos, the purchase was thought about for quite a while, but I didn’t necessarily talk about it.

Where am I going with this? Well next Friday at 5pm I am hopefully picking up the newest addition to my home. I have always been a dog person and have always wanted one but when I moved out on my own, my commute and lifestyle at the time didn’t allow me one. The past month or so I have been looking at tons of puppies and when Jackie got her bulldog Gunther, I was very jealous, lol.

The second day I was in my apartment, we had a fire alarm and I saw quite a few dogs with their owners. My building is ‘no pets’ and they do mention this in the lease but it cannot be legally enforced (against the landlord/tenent act) the lease also states that if an animal does live in the unit that the place must be sprayed for fleas at your expense upon leaving the building.Puggle

Jackie knew the minute my decision was made as I emailed her this photo (this is a sibling (girl) of the boy puppy I am adopting). She then emailed the next day impatiently awaiting a post here on my blog about the puppy and that is when I realized that although I wanted to talk about it, I felt bad, especially considering that I just gave up my cat Squeaky. Now Squeaky did not NOT come with me because of the no pet clause in the lease. He was given to a no-kill shelter because I could not handle him. His personality changed in Oct/Nov (yes, prior to the move if you look back in my archives you will note I talked about his howling a lot) and was howling all the time and it only got worse when I moved in December. Then he also took to peeing all over the place, thank goodness for the laminate floors, else the landlord would have been ticked at me.

I think I was exceedingly patient but the peeing is what got to me as there was no reason for it at all. I am sure he was pretty bored but I was not willing to get another cat in hopes that would solve my kitty woes. When I took him to the no-kill shelter I told them I thought he needed to go to home with other cats; that he needed company and they agreed. In fact last week I got the call he had been placed into a family and so far so good.

Anyways…yes, I am getting a puppy. It is a Puggle, what some call a ‘designer dog‘, though I loathe that name. Yes, he is actually a ‘mutt’, a cross breed of a Beagle and a Pug. I have done a lot of reading/research on this newer breed and I cannot wait to pick him up next Friday at 5pm from a reputable breeder. He will either be 8 or 10 weeks (didn’t ask) and I’m pretty sure his name is going to be Bruiser…if he likes it that is.

I know a lot of you probably think this is the last thing I should do but I have thought about what is going on in my life and think this is a good decision. I am bored and now that Jeff is not really in my life and who knows when and either IF he will be back as he was before, I need to find things to do. I’ve always wanted my own dog and I am excited about training the dog and learning with him. I also have a great park right across the street from my apt building. I am excited about the daily walks, which will get me out of the house as well. Between school (CGA), the dog, therapy and baseball…I think I will be filling in some holes in my life. I’m in this doggie thing for the long haul, no matter what.

On a different note…is it just me or has it been very quiet in the celeb front about stars going in for drug treatment? For a while there, it was continuous news. Things have even been pretty quiet on the Britney front! What is happening over there in Hollywoodville? I need my gossip! Okay, who am I kidding…I try to stay away from gossip sites and magazines, I lose hours getting sucked into other people’s lives - need to deal with my own :)