Lost My Curves!

Man do I need to diet. I am so bloated it isn’t funny (nekkid I look like a sausage, lol). Doesn’t help I have been constipated, it is TOM and I’ve been eating salted pistachios like they are going out of style. Uggh.

Last night I came home with a mission. To get my new bedding in place (if you go to my flickr account, link on the left sidebar) you can see it. I LOVE it. I am going to paint the walls this weekend a nice pale blue, pulled from my throw pillows.

I also spent the night ironing and I despise ironing; I do not do it unless it is absolutely necessary. I ironed:

2 pillow shams

1 duvet cover

4 curtain panels (living room)

1 shower curtain

And then this morning…1 sweater, lol.

No updates from Jeff since Saturday and I want to text him and tell him to call and what is stopping me from doing so is I know that is very selfish and I need to show constraint. If something had happened he would have called me, this I know. I am the last person on his mind and I am 1000% okay with that but I miss him terribly. I even dreamed about him last night which may not sound odd to you but for me it is very odd, since I normally (95%) of the time don’t ever recall my dreams. But I will impatiently await an update…until at least Thursday night.