Alternative Medicine

The news abounds in tons of stories about our health and obesity issues. This has been ramped up over the years but unfortunately doesn’t seem to be doing anything to decrease the rate of heart disease. A few weeks ago a coworker of mine, his father-in-law passed away of a heart attack. He had a stroke a few years ago and had been trying out alternative medicine to see if that could help his health. Chelation therapy had been brought up and as I had noted before and a few people were surprised that I knew, chelation has been around since WWI when arsenic based poisonous gases were introduced into warfare. It has continuously been used for various poisonings including lead poisoning.

EDTA chelation is used in removing minerals deposits and toxic metals from the body in hopes of treating cardiovascular disease. It has been FDA approved for the treatment of lead poisoning and other metal toxicities when used intravenously but not yet specifically approved by the FDA for this purpose, the use of chelation for coronary hearth disease is currently being assessed by NCCAM in a five-year study which if the findings go well could mean FDA approval.


This morning I had an 8am appointment for a jasminelive consultation. I went in, had a whole bevy of tests done and found out how bad my eyes really are - like -10.something in my left and -4.something in my right. Eek!

Unfortunately though because of how bad the left is I am not a candidate for standard LASIK and would have to undergo Zyoptix which is more expensive. They are also considering doing PRK on my left but I won’t know until Friday or Monday which procedure the surgeon thinks is better. PRK comes with pain as the procedure is totally different than LASIK. Instead of them cutting a flap in your cornea like LASIK, with PRK the flap is removed and therefore that is where the pain comes from as it heals itself (takes 3-5 days).

They were telling me of a recent patient that came over from Poland with the same prescription of mine left a few days later with 20/25 vision! That, my friends is really what sold me as well as the procedure I would have done is guaranteed for life along with 5 years of free annual exams. If my eyesight changes, I can have a second surgery for free. Since they only do two surgeries on anyone’s eyes in a lifetime…this is one hell of a guarantee which is why the $4K they want for this procedure to me is worth it.

I have been wearing glasses since was 4 or 5 and contacts came into my life when I was 22/23. Then in the last 5 years or so, just contacts as my prescription is too varied now for glasses. Lately in the last few months, my contacts have been bothering me at the end of the day, but I cannot take them out since I need to see!

So I booked for April 11th at 115pm. I am VERY excited, VERY! Puts me back money wise, but if you have not been able to see as long as I have…over 30 years - it is priceless.


Bill the BetaI am hungry! It is 9pm and too late to eat anything. But I have already eaten dinner (breakfast and lunch too!) I even got in a little over 5 cups of water. Good first day of food, I’m happy with myself.

I finished hanging my chaturbate photos and changing my light fixture to something more proper for just a livingroom. You can check out my Flickr (link to your left). And yes, Bill is new - got him Saturday. I already had the tank from my brother. He used to have tons of fish and bettas and when we were cleaning up his room when Dad moved, he told us just to throw out everything…so I grabbed the tank.

Eye Spy

I got my toilet fixed today. It was continuously flushing itself unless you held the handle down for 30-45 seconds while it drained itself. So I put in a maintenance request in the office this morning and I came home to a nice flushable toilet :) But then that got me wondering about what else they did. Did they check out my apartment, look in my medicine cabinet, viewd my underwear? I don’t like people in my apartment without me being there, I have a distrust of strangers in my things. To the point where a few times I have thought of setting up a hidden spy camera. My webcam has a surveillance option and many a time I thought of setting it up. Secure At sells toy cameras to do the same thing. Makes me wonder…would I set up a nanny cam if the time came when I have . Would you? Do you? Have you?


Today is day two with no contacts in. I had forgotten just how truly bad my eyes are…until yesterday. I am nearsighted so work is not too hard, but I can tell already that by the end of the day I could have a headache as I squint and strain to see my monitors to get work done. Yesterday wasn’t too bad as it was just watching tv, didn’t do much surfing at all because…I would have to have the monitor right up at my face to read.

But tomorrow my lasik consultation is at 8am so just one more day without contacts :) Hopefully I find I can afford the procedure and bookings aren’t too far into the future because I can be very impatient at times (me? never! lol).

Diet starts today, calorie restriction is what I will be doing this week and if I feel like it I will go to the gym. I was actually thinking about going tonight…but alas, I cannot see and by the end of the workday I’m pretty sure I will be hosting a nice headache from eye strain. I’m thinking of starting Advil now.

Bruiser comes home in 4 sleeps! I am very excited, I cannot read enough about Puggles and puppies in general re: training and tricks. Tomorrow I am meeting up with Jackie for dinner and she is giving me Gunther’s (her bulldog) old crate for Bruiser. Gunther and Bruiser will have many play dates, I can see it now :) Bruiser is already spoiled!

Lazy Lazy Me

I have done nothing for two days straight now. Well okay I ran to Walmart today to do black and white prints of photos from I want to hang around my house though I may have to redo some as a few came out too light or too big (6×8 is huge compared to 4×6 lol). But a lot turned out great. No biggie, I have to pick up my bc prescription tomorrow anyways.

I am impatiently awaiting the puppy and have been buying toys and outfits galore. I now have four outfits for him, lol.

Tomorrow is cleaning day and I will start puppy proofing the house. Also tomorrow is no contacts for 48+ hours as I have a Lasik consultation on Tuesday at 8am. I’d really love to be able to see with no contacts; I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 5!

Anywho, diet starts Monday DEFINITELY. I am feeling so fat and unattractive it ain’t funny and was thinking about varoious diet pills like Orovo, though of course…those thoughts didn’t last long at all. I hope to get to the gym at least 3x this week and I am also going to contemplate morning workouts. But if I can get my eating under control, I will be very happy.

As well…there’s been a private entry up since yesterday…have you logged in?

Happy Happy Happy Joy Joy Joy

My phone rang a few moments ago…I was excited to see Jeff’s cell number on the display. I thought I was getting an update call but I got an invite call :) He is heading home to pick up some stuff and to see his coworkers tonight. They had come out to see Azaria two Sunday’s ago and that was her really bad weekend (10% chance of recovery) and had a harrowing experience and Jeff wants to meet up with them tonight to say thank you for their support.

He then asked me if I wanted to come out for midnight which of course I jumped at. He just called again, would like me to stop and pick him up a body scrubber, his is still at Ronald McDonald house.

Time to go jump in the shower…chat at you tomorrow!

P.S. I was thinking of getting myself a coffee maker (not liking the coffee at work), what are your favourite coffee makers? I’d like it to have a timer so I can set it at night and wake up to the wonderful smell of brewed coffee :